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APM Press Release

Final Countdown for Melaka Tourism Awards 2010 / 2011
(Anugerah Pelancongan Melaka )

The final countdown is on for tourism businesses in the beautiful
State of Melaka to enter and be recognized with the Bi- Annual
Melaka Tourism Awards.

All Cafe's; Hotels; Restaurants; Tourism Attractions, and other Tourism related
service providers have another opportunity this year (end) to get their
businesses recognized and awarded by their Industry peers.

This grand effort is lead by The Malacca Tourism Association (MTA)
with the indulgence and guidance of the Melaka State Tourism Bodies
towards raising the tourism profile of associated tourism sectors
responsible for driving the region’s tourism business here in Melaka.

Designed to recognize and reward the tourism players here, these awards
are open to businesses in all the 12 sub sectors within the Industry.

A total of 23 award categories spanning all areas of the industry’s
growing visitor economy and include Appreciation Awards for Lead
Government Agencies, & Special Tourism Award for Outstanding
Individual Effort (Tokoh Pelancongan Melaka); Awards for Large
and Small Hotels, Visitor Attractions and Awards for Excellence in
Tourist Guiding which is aimed at those services and sectors that
are working hard to maximize their positive impact on the increase
in tourism activity within Melaka.

Mdm Madelina Kuah, MTA’s Organizing Chair for The Anugerah Pelancongan
Negeri Melaka is encouraging businesses to gain recognition for their work.

“This awards are given out irrespective whether you are a MTA member or not.
If you are delivering excellence you shouldn’t be shy to shout about it.
These awards are all about recognizing the growing quality of tourism in the
State of Melaka and rewarding those who, by going the extra mile, are
providing a high quality benchmark to which all can aspire.
This independent recognition of quality the Anugerah Pelancongan Melaka
give which is evaluated by Tourism Industry leaders provides an excellent
marketing platform from which to secure even greater success.”

Businesses will find out who has been crowned and recognized by the
awards judges at a glittering ceremony in year's end, which will be
graced by The Governor and Chief Minister of Melaka.

These winners will then have the chance to be forwarded to the
National Level awards, where they will go head to head with
winners from all over Malaysia

Businesses interested in self submission for the Anugerah
Pelancongan Negeri Melaka should contact the
Malacca Tourism Association at:

MTA: 06 2848234
Mdm Madelina Kuah: 019 6657221
En. Saari Basiron: 017 6057466

Award categories for the 2011 Anugerah Pelancongan
Negeri Melaka are:

Hotel 5 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 4 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 3 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 2 Bintang & Bajet Terbaik
Resort dan Chalet Terbaik
Pengusaha HomeStay Terbaik
Pengalaman Membeli – Belah Terbaik
Produk/Tarikan Pelancongan Terbaik :
- Rumah Tradisional
- Agro- Tourism
- Health-Tourism
- Tempat Rekreasi
- Muzium / Gallery.
Restoran Terbaik :
- Masakan Melayu
- Masakan Cina
- Masakan India
- Masakan Peranakan
- Café / Bistro
- Hotel Outlet
- Anugerah “Best of the Best”
Perkhidmatan Pemandu Pelancong Terbaik
12 Sub Sektor Pelancongan Terbaik (Excellence Awards)
Anugerah Khas (Tokoh Pelancongan Melaka)
Anugerah keseluruhan 10 Sub Sektor Terbaik.